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There's a problem with sexual health education.

We are here to solve it.

Curating Intentional and Beautiful Sex Ed Resources for Youth

We have a lot of work to do in the area of sexual health education. Too often, sexual education is incomplete, not covering important topics adolescents need to make healthy decisions, or exclusionary, and leaving out or marginalized populations. This leads to lack of knowledge and worse health outcomes for youth who do not receive the education they deserve.


We create sexual health content for adolescents that is medically accurate, relevant , inclusive and culturally competent. We embrace diversity in our images, language, and curricula. And provide the tools for our participants, educators, and health professionals around the world to do the same.

Our website is being re-vamped to bring you more resources and interaction.
But we are still around!

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Dr. Natasha Ramsey (she/her)
Adolescent Medicine Doctor
Illustrator and Health Educator 
Founder of Gorjus Doc and Gorjus Sex Ed

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