Meet Our Founder


Natasha Ramsey, MD MPH

Hey Yall! I am Natasha Ramsey, a board certified pediatrician in training to become an adolescent medicine specialist. That means I care for young people ages 11-25 and help them with problems related to sexual health, mental health, and everything in between!

You are probably wondering, what is Gorjus Doc? The name Gorjus Doc has deep roots, all the way back to my converse sneaker, flat twists, and gel pens days in middle school. This was the era when everyone gave themselves nicknames like Dime Piece, Shorty, and Cutie all spelled incorrectly and in bubbly letters. And although I was a nerd, I well known because of my art and master bubble lettering skills. Whenever we had a free period at school, I would sketch all these creative names on the board with chalk. So I had to come up with my own name, one that was worthy of making it's way to the chalk board, and thus the name Gorjus (Gorgeous) was born. 

Despite the cool nickname I gave myself, middle school and high school was still an awkward time for me. I definitely didn't feel Gorjus, trying to navigate all the weird changes that come along with puberty, navigating womanhood, and my blackness. I was lucky to have an amazing health teacher that made learning sexual health fun and inspired me to teach others. That set off a lifelong commitment to sexual health and I served as a teen writer and advocate for a sexual health organization called Sex, Etc.Org. I went on to study public health in undergrad, further solidifying my interest in serving the adolescent population in the area of sexual health. But that wasn't enough. I wanted to advocate for the needs of adolescents globally, so I went on to become a doctor so I could specialize in improving the health of adolescents. 

During my training, I have created sexual curricula and programs both here and abroad reflecting back on my own experiences in adolescence and the importance of representation and reproductive justice. At the same time, I continued to advocate for diversity in medicine and improving diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at medical institutions. I started blogging and creating artwork to document my experiences as a black woman in medicine and created the GorjusDoc website to house all of my ideas, skills, and passions. 

It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic, that my vision for GorjusDoc materialized. In the wake of the pandemic and heightening of racial tensions in our country, I felt paralyzed, unable to reach teens at a time I felt they needed me most. The pandemic forced all my passions and skills: my passion for art, dedication to sexual health, and my commitment to diversity and anti-racism to coalesce. I started creating sexual health education content that celebrates black and brown youth and distributed information through social media and artwork that highlights diversity. And thus GorjusDoc LLC was born. 


According to Webster, gorgeous means showily brilliant or magnificent. And like a diamond, Gorjus Doc LLC (and the person) has transformed into something beautiful with pressure and time. Gorjus Doc LLC will continue to grow and challenge the fields of sexual health education and medicine to be inclusive and meet the needs of adolescents everywhere.




Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Fellowship

Children’s National Hospital, Washington DC 


Pediatric Residency, Global Health Scholar 

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY 


Medical School 

Doctor of Medicine, Masters in Global Public Health

New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY

New York University School of Global Public Health, New York NY



B.S. in Public Health, Edward J. Bloustein School of Public Health

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick, NJ  

High School 

New Brunswick’s Health Sciences and Technology High School

New Brunswick, NJ

Adolescent Health

Gorjus Doc Health Series 

COVID and Beyond 

  • Co-Principal Investigator for DC Hope Community Grant funded by the DC Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs for targeting adolescents during the pandemic. Multipronged youth-centered approach through a social media campaign, improved access to personal protective equipment and connection to COVID related services, and education for providers.


Latin American Youth Center 

  • Medical consultant and liaison, social media assistant, and mentor for young parents program 


AMPATH (Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare) 

  • Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare- partnership with Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya and the Rafiki Adolescent Health Center to develop a comprehensive sexual health educational curricula. Curricula used for an adolescent centered pregnancy program, the Chama’s Teen program, and peer navigator program. Also a member of the Adolescent Health Workgroup 


Global Health Initiative

  • Multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to address the health needs of children and adolescents in our global community through high quality, collaborative research and mutual education.


Students Teaching About Real Subjects (STARS) Program

  • United Health Foundation/National Medical Fellowships which involved the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a sexual health education program at a local HS in Manhattan.

Testimony for Period Poverty 

  • On Behalf of Children's National Hospital, Before the Council of the District of Columbia, Committee on Health ­on B23-0887 Expanding Student Access to Period Products Act of 2020: 1:06

Sex Ed with Deb: Adolescent Health with Dr. Natasha Ramsey 

COVID Mental Health Week (2020)​


DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy: Isolation in the Time of COVID 


Peds Admit: HEADSSS Assessment with Dr. Natasha Ramsey


HPV Vaccine: It is Not Just a Girl Thing


MelaninWhiteCoats: COVID19 and Adolescents 

Anti-Racism in Medicine

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


NASPAG Anti-Racism Mentorship and Outreach Committee (2020)

  • to develop a mentorship program for BIPOC members and trainees in NASPAG

Minority Senior Scholar Program  

​Health Care Equity Work Group

  • House Staff Member on task force chaired by COO Dr. David Reich developed to tackle issues of equity at the Icahn School of Medicine 

Racism and Bias Coalition

  • Clinical Sphere Change Co-Leader for a group of individuals across the institution dedicated to improving and decreasing racism and bias across the organization. Panelist on navigating racism in the workplace for Art and Science Medicine Course 



Pediatric Diversity Committee Member 

  • Committee dedicated to bringing forth issues of bias in the pediatric clinical and educational settings in addition to striving to diversify the pediatric department


Student Diversity Initiative- Founder and Co-President (2014-2016)


Student National Medical Association

  • President for NYU chapter, a national organization committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students and addressing the needs of underserved communities through community service.