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There's a problem with sexual health education.

We are here to solve it.

Curating Intentional and Beautiful Sex Ed Resources for Youth

Dr. Natasha Ramsey (she/her)
Founder of Gorjus Doc and Gorjus Sex Ed

What We Do

We have a lot of work to do in the area of sexual health education. Too often, sexual education is incomplete, not covering important topics adolescents need to make healthy decisions, or exclusionary, and leaving out or marginalized populations. This leads to lack of knowledge and worse health outcomes for youth who do not receive the education they deserve.


We create sexual health content for adolescents that is medically accurate, relevant , inclusive and culturally competent. We embrace diversity in our images, language, and curricula. And provide the tools for our participants, educators, and health professionals around the world to do the same.

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How We Do It

Drawing on the expertise of our founder, we combine the overlap of delivering medical care to adolescents, providing sexual health education that is inclusive and empowering, and promoting sexual health through vivid imagery and social media content creation. The trifecta of medical knowledge, sexual health education, and content creation results in more in-depth, unique, rich, and relevant sexual health education content.  





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Not sure what resources you need? Don't see quite what you are looking for? Want to talk more about how we can collaborate?

We are experts in a number of topics related to sexual health:

Reproductive Justice

Body Image 



Periods and Menstrual Justice

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting 

Sexuality and Pleasure

LBTQIA2S+ Topics

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Birth Control and Family Planning

Mental Health

Teen Activism 

Global Health

Our Resources

Whether you are a Sex Educator looking for more diverse resources for your students or a Clinician looking for posters to create a more inclusive clinical spaces, we got what you need. And if you don't see what you are looking for, we can make it!


Resources for Students

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Free Images Here!

Meet Our Founder


Natasha Ramsey, MD,MPH

Founder of Gorjus Doc and Gorjus Sex Ed
Teen Doctor and Advocate, Content Creator and Illustrator, Sexual Health Educator, and Speaker

Natasha Ramsey is a board certified Pediatrician in training to become an adolescent medicine specialist. She cares for young people ages 11-25 and helps them with problems related to sexual health, mental health, and everything in between!

But before she was a doctor, Dr. Ramsey was a sexual health educator. She has years of experience working in sexual health both here and abroad.


Through her work in the field of sexual health and medicine, she realized there was a lack of diversity in sexual health education curricula and founded Gorjus Sex Ed to fill this gap.


Dr. Ramsey hopes to continue to transform and challenge the fields of sexual health education and medicine through the work she does with Gorjus Sex Ed to be inclusive and meet the needs of adolescents around the world.

All content is for educational purposes and is not medical advice. All opinions and resources are my own and do not represent my current or previous employers.

Our Partners

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