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Hey Yall!

I'm Natasha Ramsey aka Tasha aka Gorjus Doc, a board certified pediatrician in training to become an adolescent medicine specialist. That means I care for young people ages 11-25 and help them with problems related to sexual health, mental health, and everything in between! I am the founder of Gorjus Doc, a lifestyle and wellness brand and Gorjus Sex Ed, a sexual health organization dedicated to inclusivity and sex positivity. 

My Story

Despite the cool nickname I gave myself, middle school and high school was still an awkward time for me. I definitely didn't feel Gorjus, trying to navigate all the weird changes that come along with puberty, navigating womanhood, and my blackness. I was lucky to have an amazing health teacher that made learning sexual health fun and inspired me to teach others. That set off a lifelong commitment to sexual health and I served as a teen writer and advocate for a sexual health organization called Sex, Etc.Org. I went on to study public health in undergrad, further solidifying my interest in serving the adolescent population in the area of sexual health. But that wasn't enough. I wanted to advocate for the needs of adolescents globally, so I went on to become a doctor so I could specialize in improving the health of adolescents. 

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During my training, I have created sexual curricula and programs both here and abroad reflecting back on my own experiences in adolescence and the importance of representation and reproductive justice. At the same time, I continued to advocate for diversity in medicine and improving diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at medical institutions. I started blogging and creating artwork to document my experiences as a black woman in medicine and created the Gorjus Doc website to house all of my ideas, skills, and passions.​

It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic, that my vision for Gorjus Doc materialized. In the wake of the pandemic and heightening of racial tensions in our country, I felt paralyzed, unable to reach teens at a time I felt they needed me most. The pandemic forced all my passions and skills: my passion for art, dedication to sexual health, and my commitment to diversity and anti-racism to coalesce. I started creating sexual health education content that celebrates black and brown youth and distributed information through social media and artwork that highlights diversity. And thus Gorjus Doc LLC was born. And in order to make a larger impact in the sex ed game, Gorjus Doc has now transformed into Gorjus Sex Ed!


According to Webster, gorgeous means showily brilliant or magnificent. And like a diamond, Gorjus Doc LLC (and the person) has transformed into something beautiful with pressure and time. Gorjus Doc LLC will continue to grow and challenge the fields of sexual health education and medicine to be inclusive and meet the needs of adolescents everywhere.


Natasha Ramsey, MD, MPH, Founder and CEO


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

New York, NY 

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