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Step into the world of reproductive anatomy with our captivating posters images—curated using beautiful original illustrations by Dr. Natasha Ramsey. 


Images contain diverse imagery and body types as well medically accurate labels to immersive exploration of the male reproductive system's remarkable intricacies.


Whether you're a medical enthusiast, a health care provider looking for health education resources, a teacher looking to improve diversity in the classroom, a parent who wants to be prepared for “the talk”, or simply intrigued by the wonders of the human body, this poster is for you.


  • Contains PNG images with transparent background with and without titles and labels.
  • Reformatted with high resolution for poster printing
  • Side view, internal view, external view in 4 skin variations and different body types

Poster Images People with Ovaries-Vertical 16.5 x 23.4

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