6 Things I Learned Doing Instagram Live

Have the right set up

When I first started doing IG live I literally tied my phone to a mic stand with a shoe string. Don’t be like me. Invest in a good phone stand with a light. Also pick a place to film that you like and is consistent with your brand. Office space, book shelves, plants, or even a blank wall with a sheet over it are all ways to make the back drop of your IG live look cool.

Do your research

Make sure you know what you are talking about. Know the data, the research, and the basics related to the topic. Trust your expertise but make sure you have the numbers to back it up. Also if you are doing a IG Live with another person make sure you know a little about them and what they do.

Prepare talking points

Sometimes the conversation can slow down a little. It’s good to have a few talking points and things you want to discuss or get across. Preparing some key points at the end of the IG Live is also helpful in case people joined in a little late. And make sure to have a call to action afterwards- share the post with a friend, follow me on IG, submit your questions, etc.

Go with the flow

Even though I just told you to make a script, don’t worry about making it perfect! Have fun! Act like you are kicking it with your friends and be yourself. Have a sip of water, acknowledge if something weird is happening. Just try to be natural. You viewers will appreciate knowing that you are a human and not a robot.

Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be an expert in something you don't know. Don’t feel like you need to use a bunch of big words or over highlight your brand or business. Talk about what you are passionate about and what makes you happy.

***SLOW DOWN so you can SAVE IT***

If you don’t read anything else I just wrote, this is the most important. You can change your settings so the the IG Live automatically saves to your phone.

You can also save the video RIGHT after you are done filming. When the video is done, STOP! Don’t press anything. The screen will say Add to Story, which you will be tempted to press. BUT DO NOT press anything! There is a small little tiny button on the right hand corner that looks like a download symbol- that is the golden button! After pressing that then you can share to your story etc. After that small window period you are screwed.

And if you didn’t do any of those things you can always just screen record the video. It’s best to do it overnight or at a time when you won’t be getting alerts or emails on your phone.

If you joined in on someone else’s live you can’t do any of those things. So be sure to communicate.