Egg Nog Run

Everyone knows that egg nog is an important part of the holidays. Me and Wes have a tradition where we bake chocolate chip cookies and pour up tall glasses of spiked egg nog while we sit in front of the TV in our pajamas .

So this year was no different, and for months we discussed excitedly how much egg nog we were going to chug. Every time we went to the grocery store, we would walk past fridge upon fridge filled with egg nog. So we didn't feel pressed to buy any right away because there would be plenty of time. Boy were we wrong.

Fast forward several weeks later to Christmas Eve when we are doing some last minute shopping. On that shopping list of course is egg nog. We leisurely walk over to the dairy aisle, only to see milk, half and half, and soy milk. Maybe we passed the egg nog section? We thought to our selves. So we circled back and checked other areas of the grocery store where the egg nog could possibly be, with no success. We even asked one of the employees if there was any more egg nog in the back warehouse. He pointed us in the direction of the empty dairy aisle, apologizing that there was not one drop left of egg nog in the whole store. But there was no need to panic quite yet. We still had to run to Walmart to get a last minute gift for Big Wes, and surely Walmart would have it because they have EVERYTHING.

So we drive over to the Super Walmart, which is huge and normally open 24 hours. Whenever I visit Jersey, I some how end up in Walmart buying stuff I don't even need. But today was different, I was on a mission and I was hoping to be in and out with egg nog in hand. However, several things did not work in our favor:

1) The store was packed! People every where driving carts like bumper cars frantically grabbing toys and other last minute gifts.

2) The store was closing at 6pm! And we got there at 5:30pm. So that gave us 30 mins to find the goods.

The other task was Big Wes was with us, so we had to split up so that he wouldn't be suspicious that we were also trying to buy his Christmas gift at the last minute. So once again I scoured through the dairy aisle. The fridge was was completely empty, except for a carton of soy egg nog that looked like it had been kicked around the store and was going to expire the next day. But we were desperate, so we bought it, knowing that it was not nearly enough to fulfill our egg nog desires. Soon after we grabbed the carton, another customer walked up to the fridge to see that it was completely empty. I caught her glare at us jealously as we skipped over to check out with our nearly expired egg nog.

Although we won the battle, we felt like we lost the war. We left Walmart feeling defeated, feeling like our Christmas ritual would be compromised.

As we drove home down the high way with our measly carton of egg nog, a gleam of light shined in the distance. It was Wawa's and they were open! In our final attempt at securing some egg nog, we made a stop at the Wawa's. I hoped out the car on a mission and dashed over to the fridge. Low and behold, there was a lone carton of egg nog sitting right there. I grabbed that carton of egg nog so quickly, everyone else in the store must have thought it was gold. I made the purchase and hoped back in the car, and Christmas was saved!

Moral of the story, don't take anything for granted. Also, sell egg nog on Christmas Eve, you will make a ton of money from people like me.

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