Bag Ladies

The line for the bus to get home was so long, it stretched all the way down the hall way. People were already clamoring because the bus was running 5 minutes late and they were tired of waiting. Finally the bus pulled up and everyone eagerly got on. There was a small elderly woman who's grays were well concealed with burgundy hair dye. You can tell she got her hair done and threw on some matching red lipstick so she could look her best for the holidays. The backdrop to this story is 30 mins prior to us boarding the bus I witnessed her about to give this belligerent guy money to get on the bus. He had train tickets and was arguing with the bus director that his tickets should be honored. She felt bad for him and was willing to pay for his ticket, until she was warned by the staff that he was a scam artist and just trying to get her money. So when it came time to get on the bus, I remembered her and her kind gesture that no one else had witnessed. You could tell she wasn't familiar with the bus system and got on with her suitcase and placed it in the seat next to her. She had asked someone to help her put it overhead for her but no one helped her. They just funneled along to their seats. As people get on, they give her dirty glares and start bitching and moaning about how she was being selfish by having the suitcase in the seat. No one was offering to help her and everyone was yelling at her. Then another elderly woman with a suitcase gets on the bus , people lost it and more mayhem ensued. So I decided enough was enough and got out of my comfy spot on the bus to try and help shove her suitcase above the overhead storage. It didn't work so finally everyone on the front of the bus worked together to pass it forward. Then we got the suitcase from bag lady #1 and passed that forward too. It took 30 secs. Literally people spent more time complaining and cursing her out than trying to find a solution. The two bag ladies sat next to each other and the crises was averted. Through it all I came to one conclusion: we gotta do better. This holiday while you are rushing to get home to your family, be kind to one another. Let's treat people with kindness and respect, and let's not be spectators while people are being mistreated. You don't know who people are, where they come from, and what baggage they are carrying that you can't see.

#thanksgiving #blackwomen #respect #kindness #doctor