Locker 93

Let me tell y'all about MY LOCKER. We first met at the beginning of the summer. I had just finished intern year and was ready for a change. My doctor told me I couldn't use intern year as an excuse any longer for not taking care of my self so on July 1st, I got a gym membership. 

It was tough forcing myself to go to the gym for the first couple of weeks. But Locker 93 was always ready and waiting for me with open arms. We had a routine. I trusted Locker 93 with all my most prized possessions while I went inside the gym and got in a good work out. I knew Locker 93 would always be there for me. 

And then Step 3 came along, and took all my time. And I had to take a break from Locker 93, from working out. 

After it was all said and done and I passed my exam, I tried to go back to the gym. I tried to go back to how things were. But Locker 93 had moved on. It was holding someone else's stuff now, someone who had more time for it. I tried to use Locker 90, but it didn't feel the same. Locker 93 was bae and I planned to do what ever it took to get it back. 

We are still working on our relationship, Locker 93 and I. It's probably tired of me coming in and out of its life. And to be honest, Locker 93 had its flaws too: slamming my finger in the door, letting other people put their stuff inside knowing I was coming to the gym just to make me jealous. We both have room to improve. 

But I think I am most infatuated with what our relationship represents: my dedication to exercising. The fact that I have a preference of where to put my things and that I have a ritual is what Locker 93 represents. 

Needless to say, Locker 93 and I are on a break right now and need to get back on track. Cuffing season is around the corner.