The Bigger Bad

She was 5 going on 50. Her forehead furrowed when I walked into the exam room. She knew what it was; she was at the doctors office and doctors office=shots. She curled up under her mom as I sat down at the computer and logged in. She looked me up and down with her big bright almond eyes as her pony tail puff sway in front of her face. "I don't want shots. They are bad." She whispered. I could tell she was a smart girl who needed explanations for everything. "No shots today, we are just gonna talk ! I promise. I know shots hurt sometimes, but they are a SMALL bad to prevent a BIGGER bad if you get sick. When you come next time you will do it but not today. "

She strolled around the room with her hands on her hips trying to reason with the deal I made her. She walked up to my desk and looked me square in the eye. "You promise?!" "I promise, pinky promise." I stuck my picky out for her and we shook on it. As her mother and I went through the rest of the visit talking about asthma and school she chimed in, letting me know about her teachers and how she had to stay in the hospital one time for her asthma. She was so bright and inquisitive, it felt like there were 3 adults in the room. When it came time for the exam, she curled up under her mom again. I had to remind her of our deal and that we weren't gonna do any shots. She didn't believe me and I had to earn her trust. So I explained every part of the exam to her as I listened to her heart, looked in her ears , and felt her belly. After she saw I was for real, she relaxed and proceed to stand next to me for the rest of the visit. "You live here?" She inquired. Pretty Much. I thought to my self. "Nope I just work here." "You going home now?" She probed further.

"Na, I got other patients to see." I chuckled. Mom chimed in and explained that she wasn't my only patient, although she felt like I was just HER doctor.

On their way out, she waved at me and shouted "Bye!!!" so loudly I'm sure the whole office heard her.

I think that was probably the most fun she ever had at the doctor's office. It felt nice to be the reason.