Issa Wig

My besties bridal shower was around the corner and I had a jam packed work schedule so I had no choice but to figure out something to do with my hair. If you know Jen, you know she be on point. As a part of her bridal shower, I couldn't be caught slippin' with my old fuzzy braids from weeks prior. I had to represent and bring my A game! I had to do something cute with my hair. So that meant I had to find the balance between looking cute and being time efficient: so I made a wig. I've yet to master vlogging so good old fashion pictures will have to do for now.


How I did it:

  • Put weaving cap on to styrofoam head

  • Stretch cap so that it covers most of the head

  • Cut the hair in half , section each piece into two pieces

  • Grab 3-5 holes per crochet

  • Begin crocheting hair in a circular motion

Space crochets out in a brick like fashion to avoid gaps

Try on the wig and trim

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