Moment of Silence

Let us all close our eyes and bow our heads in rememberance of the beautiful healthy lock of hair that left from my fro too soon.

I was doing my usual routine of taking down my crochets braids to prepare to install new ones. I was sitting Indian style on the couch with my Macbook in my lap watching hair videos for inspiration. I was so envious of all the beautiful hair that flashed across my computer screen. Curls and fros for days, makeup on fleek, skin on melanin. It made me consider wearing my natural hair out, accept for the extreme humidity and the fact that I would lose an extra 30 mins of sleep in the morning. There I was with half my hair in crusty braids and the other half in tangles hoping that my hair had grown since the last time I braided it. I was tired and taking this hair out was tedious, but nonetheless, I powered through, feeling piece by piece as I cut the weave out.

Snip, snip, snip, SNIPPP. That last snip was a little too easy. It didn't feel like the usual rough texture of the weave. I felt my hair to feel for the braid and felt it unraveling in my hands.

I know I did not just cut MY hair...oh no no no no no no!

I damn near threw the laptop off my lap as I ran over to the bathroom to get better lighting. I looked in the mirror and saw the blunt end of my hair sticking up. I unraveled the braid only to see how much damage was actually done. And that healthy chunk of hair fell right into the palm of my hand.

It was like a piece of my soul had escaped my body. Like I cut off a body part. Like a plant I had been watering for years just died. I literally cried like a little girl. Full on tears, snot, ugly faces, all that. (For reference of how I reacted , check out this video:

Y'all read my posts about my hair journey!!! Y'all know how hard I worked for that hair !!!! And it wasn't a few strands, it was SEVERAL, it was a whole finger width worth! Now the rest of my hair is on fleek, doing its thing and Ima have this little patch straggling behind.

I threw a tantrum for about 10 minutes. Then I had to suck it up and move on. My hair needed to be washed and I damn sure wasn't wearing it out now with that patch of hair missing. I gave my self a pep talk, reassured my self that it wasn't that bad and that I had actually made a ton of progress since my short hair cut days. Lessons learned: appreciate what you have before its gone and never take anything for granted

When it was all said and new hair style was cute and perfect for the summer. And although it's just hair, I will never forget those strands of hair that departed from my head too soon. We must never forget.

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