Dr. Black Queen

I never thought I would see BB Williams again. Fast forward 1 week after seeing the family in the nursery and he's on my clinic schedule. 

Normally, I am excited to take on families I see in the hospital as my patients in clinic. But I didn't feel that spark with this family. Like I mentioned, they rushed me out the room when I went to do my rounds, assuring me that they had no questions. We didn't build that initial connection. Either way, I went to go see them

So I walked in the room and both the parents were there, both surprised and happy to see me.

"Hey guys! Long time no see!" I joked around. They smiled and seemed to be comforted by the fact that they recognized me. 

Mom pulled out a notepad with a list of questions and began to fire away with really good questions that reassured me that she had done some research. I felt bad for making snap  judgements about who they were as parents based on their age and lack of questions from our intial encounter .

"Wait, so you are the doctor?" Dad questions with a mixture of happiness and confusion. I get that question so often that I wasn't even upset. 

"Yup, I'm gonna be his doctor!" I reassured him. 

"See, that's what I'm talking about! Black Queen! Wait..How old are you?!" He celebrated. But he needed to know more about this unicorn that was standing in front of him. 

"28. 4 yrs of college, 5 years of medical school." I answered proudly. 

"Wow, and she's young, see babe, you can do it!" He encouraged his spouse. She nodded in agreement and admiration. 

Often times I forgot what an impact existing can have on my patients and their families. My encounter that day reminded me. 

As we proceeded with the visit , mom a look of worry and a burning question on her mind. 

"We need your opinion. We haven't figured out what to name him yet. I was thinking June Abraham Wallace. But he wants to name him August Amaru Wallace. What do you think?"

That was the first time I was ever asked to help name a child. I was flattered and took my job very seriously so I had to weight the pros and cons and hear both sides of the story. 

Mom wanted to name him June because that's the month they met and Abraham because it was a biblical name. You could tell they were very rooted in the church and had a lot of support. 

Dad immediately jumped in to defend himself.

"August sounds more manly than June! I gotta Aunt named June! Not a good look. Plus we weren't official until August anyway."

He was pretty funny. Plus he called me a black queen so I was kinda bias.

I advised that naming him after a month left room for his classmates in the future to pick on him. Dads response : "Nah his roasting game is gonna be tight. We gonna be prepared." In other words, no one was going to pick on his son. 

"Tell her why you want to name him Amaru though!!!" Mom ousted Dad. 

" so his name could be Amaru like Tupac and his last name is Wallace like Biggie Smalls , two of the best rappers to walk the earth!" Mom tooted her lips in disgust .

What he know about Biggie and Tupac? I thought to myself. I'm pretty sure my twisted lips gave away that I thought he was too young to really understand. I did agree with Dad though. His name was better. And Tupac and Biggie were two of the greatesr rappers. 

I had to break the news to Mom that I liked his name combo better and that she should strongly consider it. By this point our visit was up and I had to see another patient. I said good bye to the family and went on to the next patient leaving them to decide on this crucial decision.

After seeing my next patient 20 mins later I realized the room door was still closed. I knocked and peaked my head in and they were still there! Still debating the names. So I got them a second opinion. I had one of my co residents chime in and she too agreed that Dad picked out the better name. Dad celebrated with joy that his name was better and even go on snap chat to share his victory with the world . 

I don't know what name they ended up picking, but I felt great being a part of it.

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