Candles and a Skillet

I used to consider myself a pretty fashionable person. I always wished I was more fly but I always felt my outfits were cute enough to take pics in. But now, because of my job, I'm either in work clothes or in work out clothes (even though I still don't workout as much as I should).

So on my day off and because I was so good about saving my money, I decided to do a little shopping.

Back in the day (last year) I used to shop like once a week. Living near Herald Square was a gift and a curse; stores, sales, and fashion at my finger tips. Now that I live uptown, my shopping options have become more restricted and limited. Not to mention I gained a couple of pounds and I am officially a big girl and need to shop plus size for my clothes to fit right.

But that day, I wanted to feel like a piece of bacon in a skillet. I wanted to feel cute, on point, sizzling. So I ventured to my old stomping grounds to see if I could find some new clothes to make me feel like a youth again.

I went to some of my go to stores, carefully sorting through all the clothes in all the racks to ensure I didn't miss anything. I picked out a few things and flipped them over my shoulder, as a form of commitment that I would at least try them on. I also screened all the price tags to make sure they were within my budget. I tried on a shirt or two and I wasn't feeling it. They all looked like shirts I already owned. The button up shirts looked like they were ready to explode. The pants were too tight on the thighs but loose on the waist. The jewelry looked cheap. The shoes were all open toed or high heels, neither of which are useful in the hospital. I went from store to store hoping something would stick. But I couldn't convince myself to buy any of it despite my conscious decision to go clothes shopping. I gave up and decided I would venture back home and try my luck with online shopping. But first I decided to make a quick stop at Kmart to get 1 item.

Of course 1 item turned into several, and somehow I walked outta there with among other things candles and a skillet and spent like $40.

Moral of the story: I'm getting old and rather spend money on grown people stuff like things for the apartment, than look cute. Welcome to adulthood.