Birth Control or Nah!?

As a young professional, having a baby and starting a family was not an option so birth control was a no brainer. But now that I'm 28, and due for a new birth control method I had to decide, birth control or nah!?

Clearly I'm poor, on a resident salary and not ready to financially support my self much less another breathing human being. But my biological clock is ticking and every time I step foot in the well baby nursery my ovaries do back flips. Not to mention that some of my non medicine colleagues are grown and have whole husbands and families with the house, driveway and white picket fence around their lawn to match. Meanwhile I'm still grabbing dinner from the street food carts and can barely remember to water my house plant. And also, when is a good time!? When I'm a 3rd yr working 27 hour shifts waddling around the pediatric unit?? When I'm a fellow telling my adolescent patients not to get pregnant ? When I'm an attending and old as dirt and tired from all my schooling?! When!?!?!

The other options I had were unrealistic. There are so many methods of birth control out there like the pill, the Nuva ring, and the patch. But those all require that my memory hasn't gone to mush and I remember to take the pill every day or remove the patch or ring as scheduled.

Getting another long acting method like the intrauterine device or implant that can last for up to 3-5 years meant I would want to get my money's worth and keep it for as long as it's functioning thus prolonging my child bearing years even further.

And my last choice was to not use a birth control method at all and just see what happens, like teenagers do.

So where did that leave me??? Making an OBGYN appointment for the Nexplanon. Cuz ain't nobody got time!!!

Just in case I confused you about birth control methods, here is a great website to sort it all out.

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