The Real MVP

People always assume that doctors are the most critical to patient care. But that couldn't be further from the truth in many cases.

I learned first hand how useless we can be the other night. I was covering the in patient unit which is always when shit goes down.

There was a patient in the Peds emergency room who had autism and behavioral issues and was going to be admitted to the floor because of "constipation". Of course I was concerned about this admission because she had been in the ED since the previous night so I had some time to comb through the chart.

Flipping the bird, dropping the N bomb, calling the staff words that would be unprofessional for me to type, attacking her parents, running around the ED naked: you name it, she had done it. I was prepared for the worse when she was came up to the floor.

But the nurses weren't prepared. There just so happened to be a new nurse that was covering who rarely works on the unit and of course the patient was assigned to her. And she had no idea what happened in the emergency room.

So when the patient came up to the unit and ran behind the nurses station screaming and peeling off her clothes, the staff had no idea what to do. Normally with combative patients you assign a tech to sit in the room with them to prevent them from being a danger to themselves or others. But she was on the bigger side for her age, and very strong. Her own parents couldn't hold her back and had already been attacked by her in the ED evidenced by the scratches on their worn faces and bite marks on their hands.

The parents seemed overwhelmed. Like they were losing their grip on life in the same way they were losing grip on their child trying to escape the room.

We had to bring out the big guns, a small elderly Caribbean lady wasn't gonna be able to hold him down. So we recruited help from our colleagues on the adult side.

Several minutes later, the doors of the elevator opened up and out walks this tall dark and handsome man in blue scrubs. I'm pretty sure he had a super hero cape too or maybe by that point in the night I was delirious.

Either way he was just what we needed. But of course her mom declined his help. She felt that he would just make her more agitated and disoriented. Who wouldn't be with a random tall black guy in your room looking over you?

But he handled his business and went into the room and started talking to the family and patient. Despite his large demeanor and tall stature, he had a calming presence to him. He was so gentle with her, he read books to her, they talked about her favorite movies and we didn't hear a peep out of her for the rest of the night. He was the real MVP. That and we gave her a few doses of Benadryl lol.