How I Went From Fade to Fro in 1 year

My biggest concern when I cut my hair was, how am I gonna grow this ish back?????

But to be honest, at the time, I was about to take a year off to do my Masters in Public Health and I wanted a drastic change. When else in my medical career would I feel comfortable cutting off all my hair and dying it? This was my only chance, so I took it and ran with it!

As I transitioned to trying to grow my hair out, I found that there weren't many resources and not many people documented the process of growing out their hair. So I figured I would share a few tricks and tips I picked up along the way.

Protective Styling, YOUR BEST FRIEND:

Don't be a afraid to get creative! In this era, you don't really need hair to anchor your hairstyles any more. Back in the day if your hair was too short, you couldn't get corn rows, a sew-in, box braids, anything! But now, there are some many options including crotchet braids (my go to), lace front and half wigs. Hats and cute head scarfs also help when you want to accessorize, or you just didn't feel like taking out your Celie hair braids. Lastly, don't be afraid to throw some braids or tracks in the little bit of hair you's edgy and unique.

Did you hear the juice about my interview wig? Click here to read about it.

Lay Dem Edges, Hair Gel is Your Other Friend:

Once your hair starts to grow back, those fuzzies and fly aways will become really annoying. The best way to prevent that is by using some Edge Control or Hair gel. The one I prefer is Curls Control Paste. It's a small jar, its a little on the pricier side, but a little bit goes a long way. And if you really want your edges to be laid, get a toothbrush and invest in a head scarf.

Take care of ALL your hair:

Although it may be short, it still needs some lovin'. Be sure to keep your shorter hair moisturized with an oil of your choice (olive, coconut, jojoba, caster, grape seed whatever oil you please). Whatever concoction you use for your hair, make sure to apply it through out. As it grows longer be sure to use conditioner and detangle it so it grows strong and healthy like the rest of your hair.

Get the Right Tools:

Black men have perfected the art of short hair care, so why reinvent the wheel? Go ahead and get you a wave brush, a wave cap, and a curl sponge. It may feel weird at first, but the wave brush and wave cap helps to lay you hair like no other. And as your hair grows, the curl sponge helps to better define your curls in those awkward places.

Trim as You Go:

Because your hair is a specific shape, it will continue to grow that way and may need a little help getting back to the shape you want. I used to trim the longer part of my hair every so often (monthly) so that as my shorter hair grew back, the longer part would start to match it. This is your chance to start over, trim those dead ends and have a fresh start! Needless to say, if you are not comfortable with scissors, GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. The last thing I need is you walking around with a lopsided fro and you blaming it on me.

And remember, it's just hair! It doesn't define you. And it will grow back eventually. And if all else fails, throw on a wig or just cut it again lol...

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