Don't Forget About My Black Body

Yesterday, women across the world banded together to protest the Trump administration and it was beautiful. But underneath the pink hats, rainbow flags, and cardboard signs I hope people thought about me. Not me as an individual, but who I represent, me as a women of color: My concerns, my reproductive organs, my dreams, and that my children matter too.

I didn't march yesterday. Instead I had brunch with my sistas. Women who I have been building with over the years. Who along with myself have been fighting all along. That is not to take anything away from people who went out and marched yesterday, but to remember some of us are veterans in this game. We've been out on the front lines for so long. We are battered and bruised from the war on our bodies and minds, on our skin, on our hair. Some of us have been fighting out of the womb. So it was nice to take a moment to let other people who may had have been silent, step forth and take on some of that burden that many of us have been carrying all our lives.

But of course, it doesn't end with the walk, and many of us plan to jump right back into battle and continue the fight.

This current war is NOT against just women. It's against people living in poverty, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, children, the ill and disabled. As we move forth, I challenge us all to think about the other. Think about the intersectionalities, that a budding pediatrician like myself is also a black woman, with immigrant parents, and a disabled father. Fight for their cause too, not just your own. Step forth even when it may not pertain to you. Unite on the fact that we are all human and everyone needs someone to have their back. If you are white, support black lives. If you are an American, support immigrants. If you are straight, support LGBTQ efforts. If you are a circle support the squares. That is the only way we will move forward as a nation: if we continue to build on our commonalities as humans.

So as people continue to fight for justice and equality, don't forget about my black body too.