Cosmos and Convos

I went out for the first time for food and drinks...wait for it....ALONE and it felt weird. I normally don't have to worry about what I'm gonna do or who I'm gonna talk to because I'm either with Wes or going out with a friend. But this time Wes was in Jersey, Gladyne was on the residency interview trail, Nicole had work, and Ginger and Chanae damn sure weren't coming to the city. So there I was, on a Friday night, desiring a drink and happy hour menu. So I ventured down town to one of my favorite spots, pulled up a seat at the bar, and ordered up a cosmo (like Sex and the City!).

More people trickled into the bar area as I waited for my food and scrolled through Facebook. For the first 5 minutes, I didn't mind being there alone. I felt "New Yorky", independent, and like an adult. But after surfing the web for 10 minutes, and looking through my various social media outlets, I realized something.

Who was I kidding?!??

I like talking to people, connecting with people, laughing over drinks, sharing food, ACTUALLY having fun not just pretending for the do people do this shit on a regular basis? I don't get it, we have become so social that we are anti social. People were sitting at the bar, stuck in there little personal space square, with the music blasting so loud, you couldn't talk if you wanted to. I longed for the days where people just sparked up random conversations with each other. Learned something new about the world and the people in it, made a new friend or a contact. All of that is missing in the world we live in now, especially in New York. It's weird and it's wack and after I finished my food and cosmo, I'm was outta there.